Vision of Paradise

Boar’s Head Tavern:

“When we arrive, the Truly Reformed find it much as they expected: The Other Place is a bar full of Catholics, mystics, apostates and hetro-orthodox buffoons like Chesterton, Lewis, Manning, Capon and the infamous Michael Spencer. Karl Barth is tending bar; Merton is (of course) washing dishes while Henri Nouwen busses the tables. Philip Yancey runs a day-care center with help from Mother Theresa. Rich Mullens leads a worship band that includes Bono, Bruce Cockburn, Bob Dylan, Terry Taylor and Derek Webb, with JS. Bach on the organ. A slightly drunk, happy John Calvin sits at the bar with Beethoven, the two of them laughing too loudly from time to time; the TRs find it unsurprising that he’s there, given his stance on Mary. Luther is out back, minding the brewery.”


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