Money, Power, Sex … and Abstraction

Blog and Mablog:

Now this is why intellectuals (high rpm) and pseudo-intellectuals (pseudo-high rpm) can sit up until two in the morning talking about how a particular French filmmaker was deconstructing the suburban instantiations of gnosticism with his gritty authenticity, while down the street another man puts them all to shame by getting up three hours later to go duck hunting with his son. Contemporary intellectuals tell us all to overcome abstractions, but whenever Joe Somebody in a red state says “Okay!” and heads off to a NASCAR race to eat corn dogs, the intellectual goes white in the face. “When we told you to walk away from the realm of abstractions, we didn’t mean . . . to just walk away.”

HT: Mark Horne


One thought on “Money, Power, Sex … and Abstraction

  1. Hey Nick, and old friend from the past here. It’s good to find your blog :)

    I’ll be checkin’ it out as I get time. Mine is at If you ever get free time, stop on by.

    Brandon Jones

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