Ben Pearson:

“I have this squirel that lives in my neighborhood. The neighbors feed it. So it just sits over there all day, and eats corn cobs. When the sun starts to set the squirel grabs an entire ear of corn in his mouth and walks accross my lawn to the other neighbors tree. On the way he takes at least five breaks, lays down. I think I saw him taking a nap. You see the thing is that this squirel is so fat that his belly drags on the ground and it is a lot of work to haul himself over to the tree he lives in. It’s sad really. I wish I could help him out, but it is hard. I’m not sure whether I should put little squirel chairs in his path, or maybe lure him into my house and get him on a diet. If anyone has any advise please let me know. “


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