NT Wright on the Sacraments

Last Saturday, a small group from Bluffton trekked into the wild world of theology by taking a drive up to Grand Rapids, MI to see Tom Wright speak on the sacraments. By the way, if any of you haven’t heard of Tom’s work, I highly suggest it. He’s bright, well-spoken, well-informed, thoughtful, hopeful, a sympathetic reader, and consistently seems to bring a deep human quality and fresh perspective to traditional Christianity (even if he’s not always as traditional as I might like). As he himself has pointed out, about 30% of what he says is wrong, he just doesn’t know which 30% that is. Read, just don’t think you can stop questioning. And then read some more.

Needless to say, it was awesome! Here are each of the two lectures he did that day (I’ll also provide links for those who want to download them straight from the Calvin Seminary website).

Lecture 1: Space, Time, Matter, and New Creation(Q&A)

Lecture 2: Sacraments and New Creation(Q&A)

Note: If 43MB is too big for your internet connection, here’s an excerpt from Lecture 1.


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