Here’s some stuff that I’ve had sitting around my browser for awhile that I need to dump here on my blog.

1. Here’s probably the first apologetic piece against Islam, written by St John of Damascus.

[D]uring his lifetime, St John did not consider Islam to yet be a separate religion, but rather a Christian heresy.

Most interesting to me is that most of the arguments don’t seem to be dated at all.

2. For classics geeks out there, this is Stanley Lombardo reading the entirety of the Iliad (in Greek).

3. Dale Ahlquist, President and co-founder of the American Chesterton Society, created a series covering a number of GK Chesterton’s writings called GK Chesterton: Apostle of Common Sense. EWTN broadcasted these and made them available online here.

4. Albert C Winn wrote Ain’t Gonna Study War No More: Biblical Ambiguity and the Abolition of War and it’s completely available online. For those interested in Biblical positions on war, it would make for an interesting read.

5. For anyone who has a hard time understanding exponents or scientific notation, here’s an excellent movie called Powers of Ten that demonstrates the effect of simply adding a ‘0’.

6. Oh, and here’s my family tree.

7. This is a site dealing methods of obtaining a human voice when calling big companies.

8. If anyone out there is interested in neo-calvinism or 20th century Dutch theology, here’s a pretty good summary of Dooyeweerd’s Societal Sphere Sovereignty.

9. This series of blog posts on inerrancy is supposed to be good (though I give no guarantees).

10. Oh, and Alvin Plantinga wrote an article on Religion and Science in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (this might be guaranteed). Highly recommended (both the author and the subject matter).

11. Biblical Training is a pretty good source of Christian seminary lectures.

12. JC Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men

13. Also for classics geeks, Tyndale House is an excellent resource for unicode Greek fonts and keyboards.

14. Finally (so that we stay away from the dissonant number 13), everyone should check out James Jordan’s Through New Eyes (pdf). Its focus aims its readers towards viewing the modern world (or the ancient one) through Biblical categories instead of modern ones. So very Chestertonian in attitude, it smacks of NT Wright’s theology, and speaks to the continuing (and everlasting) need to make imagination central to our experience of the world. Then again, I might be mistaken.


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. 12. JC Ryle’s Thoughts for Young Men

    Ryle is a true heavyweight in Biblical exposition and practical theology. Highly recommended!! His expositions on the gospels are worth their weight in gold.

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