For anyone interested in the idea of peace in the Bible, and in our theology of “peace”, I’d love to get some feedback on a very early rough draft of an essay I’m trying to put together to get a better grip on what the Bible has to say and what that means for us. It is very rough, but it essentially develops the idea of peace as wholeness (as is understood through the concept of “new creation”).

The biggest obstacle to the article, I think, is that I didn’t discuss the use of the term in the gospels. But as I said, this is me moving roughshod through a very old topic. As I said, I’d very much appreciate feedback.

My document can by found here:


2 thoughts on “Peace

  1. Thanks, Brandon. I know you’ve gotta be crazy busy and all, so if you don’t get to it soon, don’t worry about it. On Thursday, I’ll be taking off for a two week trip for Hungary, and there’ll be a two day break for me after I get back before I move in to my new home in Wisconsin, the land of beer and cheese. So my ability to respond will probably impaired as well (though I’d love to hear more about your own trip).


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