Crazy People (aka Early Risers)

The BPS research blog has a great article on those people you all know who get up oh so early in the morn. They describe the findings of a group studying early risers, who found correlations between various behavioral, information processing and gender differences (sorry…this is a terribly worded sentence…I’m just tired). Their results:

[Morning] people tend to be of a certain personality: they favour the tangible and concrete, they trust their experience and the observable over intuition and feelings; they have an attention to detail and a preference for logic. They are respectful of authority, care about social conventions and are rarely politically radical.

In contrast to morning types, evening people preferred the symbolic over the concrete, were creative and risk-taking, and tended to be non-conformist and independent.

This is what I found interesting. Could you see how such differences could lead people to assume other characteristics as well? How many of those who struggle in those wee hours of the morning have heard comments or suggestions related to their laziness, spiritual maturity, moral discipline, etc… Obviously, one could see how a symbolic, creative, independent non-conformist would be seen in a rather negative light by those concrete, detailed, logical, fellows who appreciate a higher level of authority. Particularly when it comes to areas such as work, these differences substantially affect the way we look at one another.


One thought on “Crazy People (aka Early Risers)

  1. What of the person, who is an early riser and an evening person? Do they have the best of both worlds or would they be lost in translation?

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