The Math Rap

Here’s my good buddy Logan showin’ off his break down skillz with this little mathematical ditty.

Also, in search of political wisdom, I went to an internet quiz to determine who my candidate in ’08 should be (how appropriate in this technocratic and democratic age). The oracle gave me two names: Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich (it probably should be noted that Kucinich is a fair bit further away from my views as he’s off on one of the few things I really care about). Is it any wonder that neither of these men have much chance (sorry, Luke) of being around post primaries?

Perhaps one of my eminent readers will find themselves a little closer to the spirit common man (or at least all those crazy people who are polled) than I obviously am.


4 thoughts on “The Math Rap

  1. Ron Paul ’08!! *grin*

    Yeah, I know, I won’t get to vote for him post primary.

    I’ll still sing his praises as long as possible.

  2. Don’t be such a downer, man.

    Paul’s raised 5.08 million since Iowa. That’s five times what Huck got.

    And, by the way, there is always the write-in option.

  3. As an outsider and a libertarian, I’m rooting for Paul. Of course the chances are slim, but he is educating people and communicating with tremendous success (take his Q&A session at Google, for example, that went pretty well and he got a very good reception).

    A libertarian political philosophy will always be hard to put forward in a democratic election. Mainly because the masses love living off other peoples money, and most aren’t looking to vote in a way that will jeopordize their free lunch. Although, America (and Canada) will some day, sooner or later, come to the realization that, as science fiction author Robert A. Heinlein said: “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch”.

    If you were Canadian, you could always vote for the Rhino Party. Yes, they are a real party. They boldly claim that their platform is the one they are standing on, about two feet high and made of wood. At times they received up to 760 votes in a real Canadian election. Their platform promises included:

    * Paving Manitoba into the world’s largest parking spot
    * Repealing the law of gravity
    * Instituting illiteracy as the third official language
    * Annexing the United States, making it the third territory after Yukon and the Northwest Territories
    * Selling the Canadian Senate at an auction in California

  4. If only Rhinos could migrate.

    It’s hard to describe my love/hate relationships with libertarianism… but as long as libertarians don’t take themselves too seriously I won’t mind calling myself one.

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