Political Junkies

For all those suffering from a deep addiction to polls, commentary, and the constant stream of tripe that emanates from our political system, here is your fix. This website consistently (I’ve watched it from afar over the past 4-5 years or so) updates on a daily basis most all the information on today’s politics you would want (including daily opeds, blogposts, and anything else you might be looking for).


2 thoughts on “Political Junkies

  1. That site looks like a good resource… it’s so hard to find news that isn’t slanted commentary. One of my very outspoken liberal-left friends mentioned that the only candidate who’s really addressing issues and making any sense is Ron Paul. Interesting….

  2. Hey how’s it going? Vacation has been long and relaxing for me — mostly spent reading instead of working on the computer — but i”ll get on that article and give you my thoughts in the next week or so (if you still remember it :) )

    Actually I’ve got the Hauerwas Reader which I plan on digesting this spring too! Ethics has been a prime topic for me lately (of the books I read over the holidays, 4 were ethics/politics related :) )

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