Ok, here’s the deal. I read too many electronic things. Though over time I’ve cut my Google reader list of blogs from 160 or so to around 107, it’s just too much to keep up with on a day to day basis (particularly if you have any interest in holding down a job outside of the faux reality that is the internet). As such, I’m cutting it down, but to ease the transition and to give me a list of sites to which I can return in the future, here’s are some of those worthwhile (ok…maybe some of them) writers that I’ve found make for interesting day-to-day chatter

1. Political Arithmetik, which I’ve followed for a few years, does an excellent job turning polling data into graphs. It makes a very nice supplement to sites like Real Clear Politics.

2. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine is a wonderfully quirky and extremely funny (this is primarily for Ben).

3. BPS Research Digest is an excellent review of current psychological research.

4. Jesus Creed is a wonderfully insightful theo-blog by a thoughtful and gracious theologian named Scot McKnight (associated with the emerging church movement).

5. Chrisendom, known for its sharp commentary (ok, maybe more for its sharper humor) on theology.

6. Google Operating System tracks the day to day movements of everyone’s favorite search engine.

7. De Regno Christi acts as a confessionally reformed sounding board for discussions about Christ’s role in politics (frequented all too little by the New Pantagruel’s own Caleb Stegall).

8. Biblical Horizons is a group blog exploring bits of Biblical theology.

9. Living Water, which is written by Kevin Bywater, who influenced my reading pattern after becoming a Christian (he was the first one who pointed me towards NT Wright).

10. David Field writes about Reformed theology, Biblical studies, and libertarianism.

11. EWTN: Open Line (this links directly to their podcast) is a Catholic apologetics program. Specifically, it points to their Wednesday night broadcast, which is done with Fr Mitch Pacwa, an excellent source for anyone interested in a Biblically grounded and aware Catholic apologetics.

12. NPR: Intelligence Squared is a nice place for Oxford Style Debates.

13. The Original Bible Project is an interesting new translation project.

14. The Becker-Posner blog is written by some brilliant individuals reflecting on modern issues of politics and economics.

15. The Dilbert cartoon writer has his own blog. It’s hilarious. Disturbing at times and rarely appropriate…but hilarious.

16. For all of you Trekkies (come on, just admit it) this site contains wonderfully witty discussions of the Star Trek TNG episodes (it’s still a work in progress) written by Wil Wheaton (ie Wesley Crusher on the show).

17. A guy blogging his way through the OT. Nice summaries.

18. Peter Leithart brilliantly blogs on anything theological, literary, philosophical, etc. If you’re ever in the mood to have your mind turned inside out, head here and try to soak in what you can.

Finally, a nice discussion of pre marital sex…


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