on a less serious note

A Finnish rock and roll band (Leningrad cowboys) and the Red Army Choir.

It reminds me of this scene of an “American” restaurant from Arrested Development.


6 thoughts on “on a less serious note

  1. I find the first video, frankly disturbing. Is that really the red army choir? I just have no words for that video.

  2. It wasn’t that disturbing, but to let the red army sing with that kind of band is just weird.
    This is not in anyway supportive,but if Stalin was alive today, what would he think?

    It was funny, though. I liked the post.

  3. If by disturbing, you mean awesome, I agree.

    And to think: I have friends who deny that we won the Cold War.

  4. Thanks. At least now I don’t feel quite as ashamed at laughing like crazy whenever that powerful Russian tone filled out, singing “Ooh, ooh, ooh”.

    Ben, you have friends who deny that the Russians came out on the wrong end? Perhaps they are just identifying themselves with Mother Russia when they say “we”. Either way…odd.

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