First CSA Week

For those of you who sit around wondering “Hmmm, I wonder what Nick is eating up in Wisconsin. After all, he’s all alone (awww, how sad) and there’s no one to cook for him. How does he survive?”, I figured that I’d give a quick post on food.

Today is the first week that my CSA is running. What? You mean you’ve never heard of a CSA? Ok. Let me explain it to all you barbaric city-dwellers (please note the heavy irony as I live in suburbia).

CSA is an acronym that stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Essentially, it offers community members an opportunity to invest in a local farm and receive a “share” of the resultant crops. See here for more information.

Here’s my first box of food and a list of what’s included:

Bok choi
Green garlic
Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Russian Kale
Salad Mix

Since this spring has been unusually cold and wet, the strawberries and peas will be forthcoming. But in the meantime, I have plenty to eat.

If anybody out there has any suggested recipes, just let me know. Thanks.


One thought on “First CSA Week

  1. I have a really good recipe for soup… Zuppa Tuscona. They serve it at Olive Garden. But, I will tell you, it’s really spicy. Yum!

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