credit scores

For those of you out there who are trying to get your credit score at some point, I encourage you to take a moment and consider which online company you decide to use.  A few months ago, I tried joining a reputable personal money management site that asked for my credit score.  Curious about it myself, I decided to use one of the services they linked to:  Having heard that there was a federally supported website making a person’s credit report available, I assumed this site was that and foolishly went ahead with the registration.  I figured that I could pay a fee, see the score and that would be that.  I should know by now that that is never that.  A couple of months later, I found out that I was getting charged a monthly fee for this service (that keeps checking your score and charging your account for it) even though I had never been alerted to this.

There is a site out there to obtain a free credit report (which is evidently different from a credit score):  This site is legitimate and can  be trusted.  Unfortunately, that is not the one I used.

I was eventually able to disengage myself from this service (you have to call in to unsubscribe and be told how valuable their site is to you), but for anyone else going through the process I’d encourage you to closely watch your statements after using such a service.


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