Paul and the faithfulness of god

I’ve just found that Fortress press has made available the Table of Contents, Preface, and the first chapter of NT Wright’s soon to be published book on Paul. This will be Wright’s fourth addition to his longstanding project Christian A proud moment for me.Origins and the Question of God and could even constitute his most significant contribution to the field of New Testament studies (though I certainly don’t have the expertise to evaluate such a claim). As one of many who have found that Wright’s work has brought them deeper into the Biblical narrative and text, I highly recommend that those interested in Pauline studies take and read. Logos links are also included.

Christian Origins and the Question of God logos icon

  1. New Testament and the People of God logos icon
  2. Jesus and the Victory of God logos icon
  3. Resurrection of the Son of God logos icon
  4. Paul and the Faithfulness of God logos icon

Note that Fortress is publishing two companion volumes to accompany this release. The first, Paul and His Recent Interpreters logos icon, is Wright’s attempt to summarize the various direction that Pauline studies have taken. The second, Pauline Perspectives logos icon, is a compilation of a variety of Wright’s published and unpublished essays on Paul.


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