Logos Recommendations

Over the past year or so I have enjoyed having the opportunity to use Logos Bible software. Among its many features, it does have a tremendous trove of Bible related resources to draw from. Unfortunately, creating a library can be daunting for beginners. Since I find that most folks I talk to tend to use it for research and reference rather than daily Bible reading, I wanted to create a list of resources available through Logos that seem helpful to that end. Please note that I personally own but few of these sources and my language abilities are near nil (which is why translations are emphasized below). I set this here as an ideal only.

Primary Sources – I want to focus on primary source materials, which really should be the default starting point for all of us. This is a group of texts that, other than NT documents, Logos’ library building upgrade packages tend to gloss over. Outside of the electronic environment these resources are rarely available in a single workspace and never with the ease and accessibility that Bible software can offer.

1. Old Testament Texts

2. First Temple Israel

3. New Testament Texts

4. Second Temple Judaism

5. Early Christian Texts

Related Collections:

Secondary/Tertiary Sources – My choices of secondary and tertiary sources are far more uneven and represent my own preferences. If your favorite source isn’t listed, please shoot me an email. It’s very likely I don’t know what I’m talking about. :)


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